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What is Direct Laser Engraving?

Direct laser engraving, a process where the surface of the sleeve is designed by means of ablation, using high-energy laser beam to create a raised image.An alternative to conventional printing plates, the rubber-covered sleeve can be laser engraved for continuous printing pattern.

Vintex has always had a foresighted approach towards the Business Development and Industry Demand. In order to Cater the rising Demand of Flexo Industry both wide Web and Narrow Web.

Vintex is proud to launch the new product Line which is made in India, with the use of Latest Technology. The practice of Direct Laser engraved Sleeves (DLE), Plates, Rollers is emerging at the forefront of the growing Flexo printing Industry.

Vintex has invested in equipments and machines, required for manufacturing of LASER ENGRAVED SLEEVES / ROLLERS and as well as POLYMER PLATES.

DLE is also called "In the Round" (ITR) Technology

Continuous (ITR) sleeves and cylinders offer long, trouble free cost effective print runs, without inconvenience of plate lift and press downtime. After approval of digital artwork, the designs are separated and electronically engraved on CO2 lasers. Our Laser can engrave till 150-170 LPI, which give an extraordinary Print Results.

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