Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate

Elastomer Plate has number of advantages over standard Polymer Plates.

These plates are available in various thickness, gives Consistent Print result in jobs like Half Tones, Lines Jobs, Background. The thickness of these plates is even all across the area and can be engraved at high Resolution also.

Being Made in Elastomer, so it has a resistance to Solvents and Inks which makes it more durable when used and the swelling is also very less as comparison to other products.

When engraved with Laser beam, the Ink Lay down is also very good and consistent. Elastomer Plate is highly recommended for use of OPV, Overcoats, Coating because it is high resistance to coatings.

Plates has below specifications

Dimension: 1600mm X 1500mm

Thickness : 1.14mm, 1.70mm, 2.84mm

Resolution: 4000 DPI/ 170 LPI

Compatible Substrate: BOPP/ Polyester/ Paper/ Poly/ Foil

Flow Chart of DLE Sleeve

Receipt of Order

Production of Sleeve as per repeat Size/ Job Size

Laser Engraving

Water Wash and Dry

Quality Check


Our Capacity of ITR Sleeves

Length Upto: 2000mm / Circumference: 1500mm / Resolution: 4000 DPI/ 170 LPI

Usage in Machines

Paper Bag Printing

Paper Cup Printing

Wide Web Press

Exercise Note Book Printing

Label Industry

Non Wooven Bags Printing