Direct Laser Engraved Rollers

It’s a unique product offered to our customer who would like to take advantage of DLE/ ITR product but doesn’t have sleeve system.

Vintex , in Order to make a economical product for Longer and Quality Job, it is always recommend to use Laser Engraved Roller which is a Direct replacement of Printing Cylinder ( Combination of Cylinder + Tape + Plate).

 Beauty of this product is that it can be used or installed in existing conventional Stack Type Flexo.

Advantages of Engraved Roller

Minimal Wastage in registeration

Save Cost of Tape and Printing Cylinder Inventory

Excellent Print Result

Seamless/ Jointless Print Result

Re-usable in case of change in size or Damage

Cost Effective for Longer Run Jobs

Flow Chart of DLE Sleeve

Receipt of Order

Production of Sleeve as per repeat Size/ Job Size

Laser Engraving

Water Wash and Dry

Quality Check


Our Capacity of ITR Sleeves

Length Upto: 2000mm / Circumference: 1500mm / Resolution: 4000 DPI/ 170 LPI

Our Capacity

Length: 2000mm / Circumference: 1500mm / Resolution: 4000 DPI/ 170 LPI


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