Benefits of Direct Laser Engraving Technologies

New laser technologies kept coming into the industry, and two lasers, namely YAG and Diode lasers became a regular compound in the process of plate making. Initially, it was employed in mask ablation, but it was inculcated in DLE Technologies as well.

Countless engraving system manufacturers utilized these advanced technologies and benefited from high-quality outcomes. DLE technology for flexo eradicates the lavish expenses that are splurged in numerous processing phases. Moreover, the equipment is linked with plate making technologies.

Flexo industry utilizes one or more lasers (Co2 or fibre) for laser engraved sleeves incessantly without taking too many steps to complete. At first, the unprinted region will be ablated by the laser to deliver a suitable surface to print sans chemical exposure.

Material properties

It’s not just about the engraving technologies, but the improved Elastomer inculcates a lot of benefits. Ethylene propylene diene monomer is used to create Elastomer as it resists UV light and ozone as well. This polarity property of the compound will let other chemicals to merge with it and become an exemplary fit for flexographic printing plates.

Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate

In short, DLE technologies can wrap up the workflow in less steps than other techniques which in turn leaves lesser chances for errors. When the steps are reduced, the possibilities of failures are also diminished. EPDM based printing is the best for a complex printing environment.


One of the main ingredients in the Flexo industry is rubber, but previously, it was Elastomer that was used in the industry. By digging deep, you will find several reasons that hindered the way of the Elastomer in the industry. One of the main reasons is that the elastomers did not perform up to the mark.

Lately, the elastomers went through a lot of studies and research, the quality and performance are increased. Now, engraving technologies can produce up to 5000 dpi.

Which one you should prefer Elastomer or Polymer sleeves

Elastomer sleeves are dense and durable, which lets your print more efficiently than polymer sleeves. You don’t have to purchase several plates and sleeves even while executing long runs. Using the elastomer sleeves can surely save the cost. Many printers have found the Elastomer as cost-effective, and the print results are better than the polymer Seamless Printing Sleeves.

The advantage of Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) will further increase when we move towards advanced technologies in the future. With high-speed lasers and exceptional elastomers, the DLE process will be executed more frequently. Also, DLE has ecological benefits which let to assess the production of plates and sleeves.

Moreover, you don’t have to buy expensive cushion adapters. Also, they have to be replaced regularly, and these costs are saved by using Elastomer.


Though Direct Laser Engraving is performing exceptionally, it is not popular in all industries. The technology is new, and it is evolving as per the industry needs, so there are chances to improve the DLE outcomes with the help of advanced technologies. For the record, Engraving speeds are doubled, and quality is also top-notch.

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Mayank Chhabra
Vintex Rubber Industries