If you want to know about the use of engraved rollers in the flexo printing industry, you are in the right place. Even as early as 1770, engraved copper plates were used to print textiles but became obsolete by the 19th century. After the vulcanization of rubber in 1840, engraved rubber rollers became popular from the early part of the 20 century. Now there are many engraved rollers for paper cup printing and others to increase the flexo printing industry. The fantastic printing on the cups makes it a marketing strategy for companies to boost their sales. Now rubber covered rollers are getting laser engraved by the DLE technology for continuous printing pattern for both the narrow and wide web flexo printing.

Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate Paper Cup Printing

The evolution of engraved sleeve for ruling line printing

There is evidence of humans engraving patterns even 500,000 years ago in Java, Indonesia. The line engraving images printed on papers used as commercial illustrations for books and magazines started in the early 19 century. Only experienced manufacturers use an engraved sleeve for ruling line printing in machines for the publishing industry to make exercise notebooks, among others. With features like quick changeover and seamless printing, among others, they are in use worldwide.

The importance of engraved rollers in woven sacks printing

With the packaging industry proliferating in billions of US dollars, engraved rollers help print in various packaging materials. With high-quality printing, the packaging of products apart from safety purposes also now serves marketing purposes. Both woven and non-woven bags are widely in use for packaging a wide variety of products worldwide. And engraved rollers in woven sacks printing make the products easily identifiable and help transport from manufacturers to the end-users. It can also print woven bags made of many materials from polypropylene to jute, paper, board, and others used in many sectors like cement, fertilizers, etc.

The need for engraved rollers in non-woven sacks printing

With the rising global environmental concerns, non-woven sacks and bags for packaging purposes are fast becoming the trend again. Apart from being eco-friendly, they are also cost-effective without the need to weave the bags. The engraved rollers in non-woven sacks printing make them the best advertisement tools for promoting the products. The other benefits of non-woven sacks include competitive pricing, extended durability, lightweight, washable, packable, foldable, air permeable, strong, and washable. The environmental services include 100% recyclable, biodegradable, bur without releasing toxic containment, and more. Hence the need for excellent engraved rubber rollers for non-woven sack printing is increasing now.

Vintex Rubber Industries are the leading suppliers of all kinds of engraved rubber rollers for over two decades. They supply excellent engraved rollers for many sectors, both nationally and internationally, to have extraordinary high print quality. With the growing need for direct laser engraving for rollers needs increasing globally, Vintex Laser Tec becomes the leading supplier of the best laser engraved rubber sleeves for many industries worldwide. It includes flexible packaging, labels, tissue, wallpapers, cardboard printing, coating, and overcoats, among others.

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