If you want to know the benefits of direct laser engraving for flexo printing, you are in the right place. DLE or Direct laser engraving technology became the game-changer to give extraordinary print quality to raise the flexo printing industry to unprecedented levels in the last few years. And with the packaging industry using more flexo printing as a marketing strategy apart from its safety, it is only to grow more in the future.

The increasing need for DLE in the flexo printing industry

With the world economy thriving and eCommerce growth at a rapid pace, the need for excellent packaging and printing became inevitable. The competitive business world also made it essential for identifiable and promotable printing solutions for boosting the sales of the products. The requirement of more stylistic packaging with attractive designs and colors became the norm today for all products. It put pressure on the printing industry to use direct laser engraving (DLE) for the following needs for increasing productivity and quality in the flexo printing industry.

Direct Laser Engraved Rollers

1. The need for more press uptime with fewer printing defects
2. High-speed continuous printing
3. Less time for problem-solving
4. To cause less waste for environmental concerns.
5. Attractive printing with many colors, designs, and others
6. Need for diverse capabilities to cater to the changing customer needs

Benefits of DLE in the flexo printing industry

To fulfill the above needs and more, the evolution of DLE in the last few years with technological innovations also increased. Using engraved roller for cup printing and others redefined the packaging industry. It offers cost-effective trouble-free print runs with outstanding printing results, among many other benefits that include.

Seamless & continuous print

DLE technology offers the best printing solutions for high quality, seamless and continuous print. In this fast world, all product manufacturers want excellent quality print within a short time. And only with engraved sleeve for ruling printing and other such ideal sleeves engraved by DLE was delivering quality prints fast.

Increase in production speed

Since only a few steps are essential for using DLE compared to conventional printing methods, there is an increase in the production speed. Also, only fewer steps reduce the errors to spend less time for problem-solving. And there is no need to buy multiple high durable elastomer plates even for long jobs, as repeated quicker short jobs require only multiple cleanings and mountings.

Fewer misregistration problems

Since DLE sleeves with optimal registration align easily with each other, there are fewer misalignment issues to reduce the common misregistration problems.

Reduced waste & costs

Since there are no misregistration problems, there is not much vulnerability to wear and tear to reduce waste and costs. Also, it reduces the need for more tests to get the high quality to save time and no need to waste ink to print costly lengths of substrates.

Superior clarity with high definition capabilities

Laser engraved rollers offer superior clarity in printing with high definition to create the most intricate images. The high definition capabilities include 2D & 3D embossing, depths up to 0.125″, minimum line weight of up to 0.001, small text point size up to 0.75, multiple engraving provides screens for gradients, and vignettes.

Vintex Laser Tech offers all the above benefits and more with their direct laser engraving technology-powered sleeves and rollers for many sectors worldwide.

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Mayank Chhabra
Vintex Rubber Industries