Flexographic Printing Products Maintenance Made Easy

It is not just about utilizing the printing products, but you should also take good care. When it comes to removing the clutters in flexographic printing plates, you have to clean them perfectly. There will be grime like dried ink, dust, and more. These dust particles may hinder the way the equipment works, leading to faults and printing defects. It is essential to know how clean you keep the Flexo materials. Below are a few things that you need to know about the cleaning process.

Maintaining the Flexo image carrier

Reports suggest that proper maintenance of flexo sleeves will result in better ink transfer and enhance the image carrier’s life span.

Direct Laser Engraved Sleeves

Clean cautiously

Image carriers can wear down if handled hard, so it is better to use soft products to clean. A sponge or soft rug and even a horsehair brush would do. Though alcohol is the ideal choice to clean the clutter, it is essential to evaluate the effect by cleaning a small part instead of cleaning the whole area. Image Carriers may be damaged if hazardous solutions are used, so be sure that you use only good and efficient chemicals.

When you are cleaning Laser Engraved rollers, ensure you don’t have any available solution for you to choose the right product to maintain the rollers. If you are trying to clean it well, then you can utilize soda blasting, poly beads, Enclosed cleaning systems, and more. These are the commonly used processes to clean the rollers. You have to use chemicals and soft brushes to get rid of the ink. However, the process is quite time-consuming, and you have to rinse well. If you prefer the rough cleaning process, the anilox rollers can be damaged over time. Once the cleaning process is done, air dry and ensure to store the image carriers and anilox.

Rapid fast cleaning

It is essential to involve in the cleaning process right after the Direct Laser Engraving operations as the ink will instantly dry, and you will find it harder to clear after some time.

Other Cleaning processes you can try out

The anilox rollers and image carriers can be very important, but you should also check the other components like the printing press. For proper function and superior print quality, you have to maintain every component. Moreover, keep the equipment clean and lubricated so that it works well for a long time. Also, scrutinize CI drums and rollers so that no ink residue is left behind. You should also maintain the room where you have installed the machine, and the place should be dirt-free. In this way, you can avoid dirt particles getting inside the printing equipment. All these cleaning processes may necessitate you to dedicate time, but it is suitable for your machines. You can prevent several printing issues before it arises.


The above process will surely help you take good care of the flexo printing plates, ensuring that you are doing it right to keep dirt at bay. For increased lifetime and productivity, proper maintenance is crucial. Make use of the above steps to clean the products regularly.

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Mayank Chhabra
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