Increase the Printing Speed of Flexo Sleeves

To improve efficiency and speed, you have to make use of a few tricks and techniques. You can increase productivity by employing these tips. When you can print at a breakneck speed, you can wrap up the work in no time, and your customers’ dependency on your products also increases every day. The biggest question is the ways to increase the speed of Flexo printing sleeves. You can check out the below information to enhance the speed without leaving the quality behind.

The first and foremost thing is that you have to maintain the flexo sleeve properly. You have to ensure that the place is dirt free. Apart from this, you can focus on improving the roller alignment, surface tension, image carriers, and more. You can know about these things in a detailed manner below.

Direct Laser Engraved Sleeves

Check the rollers

A high-quality anilox roller will improve performance and speed. However, you can achieve the same speed in regular rollers that you use in the press. Initially, you have to select the right roller for your seamless printing sleeves because you are the only person who knows the requirements, and you should choose the right roller. For instance, you can prefer a low-line roll when printing consumes more ink, and a high line roll is ideal for HD prints. Likewise, you can also choose the rollers correctly. Remember the things that you will need in the press and choose them wisely.

Speed up by evaluating the substrate

You don’t have to make massive changes for incredible speed. You can make small changes then and there to acquire more significant differences. Raise the surface tension in the substrate to speed up drying that will eventually improve the speed. All you have to do is, raise the surface tension, and the speed will also surge eventually.

Printing Sleeves

Flexo printing speeds will surge if you use Elastomer sleeves in Direct Laser Engraving technology. The printing will commence earlier than expected, and the steps executed in the laser-engraved sleeves comprise only two steps.

When it comes to laser engraved plates, the whole process will complete within three steps, whereas the traditional method will take up to seven steps. Using Elastomer sleeves, you can increase the speed of the process in tandem with durability.

The pressroom’s environment matters

To increase the speed, you can arrange the pressroom condition in such a way that it gives room to enhance productivity. The process varies as per the flexo printing sleeves and system you use. The common thing you can consider is that your pressroom has proper ventilation and the temperature is well maintained.

Inks and Drying speed

When the flexo printing speed is higher, drying requires more time. This is usually the right advancement in the process to achieve quality printing. You can use a different type of ink that dries swiftly without compromising the quality of prints.


By executing all the above steps, you can easily increase the print speed. The above steps have proven to be efficient, and you should cautiously implement the techniques mentioned above. Ensure that the print quality does not tamper while you utilize Seamless Printing Sleeves with the above information.

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Mayank Chhabra
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