Prospective of Flexographic printing with DLE Technology

In the flexographic printing industry, employing the DLE technology to craft sleeves, cylinders, and flexographic printing plates have been successful. This technique is followed in the industry to reduce the risk of errors on the press, such as disintegration, ink transmission, and swelling of plates. Moreover, several benefits attract printers to utilize the same technology. From quality to cost, DLE is the right choice in the Flexo market, and its evolution will pave the way to more advanced printing in the years to come.

Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate

What can we expect from DLE technology?

Whether you are into effortless packaging or pressure-sensitive labels, DLE is considered to be the reliable choice for any kind of flexo printing. Check out the top flexo applications in which Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) is involved and the techniques’ prospects.

Label printing

For ITR elastomer sleeves that are engraved using the laser, Label printing is ideal. Elastomer’s characteristics go well with any sleeve size to print all size labels. The success of DLE is scalable in the industry, and it will be used in several markets, especially medical labeling.

Direct Laser Engraved Sleeves - Label Industry

Flexible packaging

The Seamless Printing Sleeves should be done at a breakneck speed in the flexible packaging industry as the environment is fast-paced and productivity will be enhanced. Lasers ablated in the round sleeves are efficient, and the ITR sleeves will permit the mechanism to execute high-speed printing. Likewise, Prepress mounting is quick as the remount and re-tape of flat plates can be done in no time. The misalignment of skewed imagery is predominantly decreased, and wasted substrates are lesser.

Corrugated packaging

One of the biggest concerns in mounting flat plates is the time consumed, which eventually leads to registration issues. This is common in the industry. Laser ablated elastomer plates and flexo sleeves are far better than others. The newer technology can solve all the issues that are faced.

Specialty packaging

The conventional plates have restrictions that hinder printing higher ink densities, line screens, and more works that require modifications. Using DLE, these issues can be addressed. As they are used in non-perishable food items, it is essential to use UV inks that go well with Elastomer.

Printed Electronics

It would be best if you restricted hazardous dangers caused by abrasive inks and powerful solvents. As the elastomer sleeves are well suited for Ultraviolet inks, they can also provide best when used in printing applications. Moreover, ITR slaves are best when it is essential to give small attention to detail.

DLE technologies’ usage mentioned above is fruitful for many organizations, increasing the demand for DLE in various industries and becoming the best choice in the flexo printing industry.


There are several benefits in using ITR Direct Laser Engraving Technology, and you can expect exceptional quality at a fast pace. The best feature is the attention to detail, and the prints are flawless. From downtime and disintegration problems to troubleshooting, the DLE sleeves seem to be the best choice, and you can utilize them in any industry which requires high-quality printing capabilities. You should always ensure that the technology utilized is quality and efficient.

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Mayank Chhabra
Vintex Rubber Industries